The first question you may ask is: “How does this blog work?”

So, this is the main page; “Home“.
The next page is “English” – there you can improve your skills in this language.
Last but not least, the “Deutsch” page; you can learn something in this language, too!
On the page “About” you can find important information about me and my blog.

The second question of yours can be: “What’s the purpose of all this and how did the name of the blog originate?”

Learning new languages is my passion and I think, that I’m good at it. So, I want to give you motivation and share some advice on learning English and German.

The third question: “Who am I?”

My name is Agnes. I’m 16. I’m from Poland. I’m here to share with you my passions and hope I’ll help you with yours!

See you soon!
Agnes <3