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Today I have got a new, special content for you! It’s all about music – my next BIG passion. Listening to the music is very relaxing activity, but have you ever contemplate about lyrics?

In this post I will do it with a 5 Seconds of Summer ‘s song, called “Youngblood“.


First verse goes like this:

“Remember the words you told me 
Love me till the day I die 
Surrender my everything
‘Cause you made me believe you’re mine”

So far we can tell, that the main character of the story, which a band shows us, speaks of his relationship. He wants to remind his girlfriend how it was before. He recalls days, they were together. We can see, he still really cares.

“Yeah, you used to call me baby 
Now you’re calling me by name 
Takes one to know one, yeah 
You beat me at my own damn game”

In this piece we find out, that his girlfriend moves away – slowly ends relationship. Boy believes in fate. He used to treat his courtship like a game. She overcomes it – she’s taking control over thier contact by withdrawal from it. If she leaves, he will be forced to accept her decision.



“You push and you push and I’m pulling away 
Pulling away from you 
I give and I give and I give and you take 
Give and you take”

She repels him and he slowly leaves the relationship, because he can’t stand anymore, that he reveals his feelings to her and she doesn’t answer, only takes everything he offers.


Say you want me, say you want me 
Out of your life 
And I’m just a dead man walking tonight 
But you need it, yeah you need it 
All of the time 
Yeah ooh, ooh, ooh”

He makes her aware, that he will be nothing, when she left him. He knows that she needs his love, so he doesn’t give up and writes this song for her.


Second verse:

“Lately our conversations 
End like it’s the last goodbye 
Till one of us gets too drunk 
And calls about a hundred times”

He mentions their talks as very passionate.  They maybe want to end this, but it doesn’t go well, because they are used to living with each other.

So who you been calling baby,
Nobody could take my place
When you’re looking at those strangers,
Hope to god you see my face

He wants to know with who she tried looking for consolation. He hopes, she can’t foget about him, when she’s with someone.


“You’re running around and I’m running away 
Running away from you 
From you, um from you”

She stands still and does not know what to do. But he won’t wait ages for her to decide, because he slowly loses enthusiasm.


So, to conclude..
The authors of the song introduces us to the world of a complicated love. We know that the boy and the girl need each other in their lifes. But for some reasons girl doesn’t want to continue the relationship. By this song boy wants to remind her of the times they were a couple to change her decision.

For me..

It’s very emotional song, which many people can identify with. Just like me.. or maybe you?

Write down in comments, what do you think about the hidden meaning of this song! Do you agree with mine or maybe you have your own.. ?

Thank you for reading!

See you in the next post,
Agnes <3

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